Roof Inspection

You are aware how vital your roof is to your home as a homeowner. You also know how costly a full or partial roof repair can be. It’s worth having an annual roof inspection. This will help you identify problems before they become serious and prevent damage to your roof.

Most homeowners can see roof problems. Some roof problems are more obvious, which is why it’s important that you seek professional advice. An expert roofing inspector should conduct a comprehensive roof inspection. With our highly qualified staff, we can guarantee a satisfactory roof inspection. This includes the items below.

Structural Inspection

We will look for signs of drooping, uneven roof plans, and the condition the soffit and fascia. You should inspect your chimney crowns for damage in masonry chimneys. We will also examine the ventilation of your attic. Improper venting can cause heat accumulation and increase the risk of ice dams.

Inspection of Material

We will check for missing flashing and fasteners, loose or missing shingles, stains or moss, as well as missing flashing. Shingle aggregate can be found in roof valleys, or at the bottom gutter downspouts. This indicates that the roof has reached the end its useful life. We’ll also check for holes and deterioration of rubber boots or seals surrounding vent pipes.

Inspection of the Interior

Roof leaks eventually can cause damage to your house. Sometimes it might need to have an emergency fix. We’ll check for water stains and mildew in the ceilings and attic.

Craftsmanship Examination

We will also conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to find any defects in workmanship that might cause future roof damage or leaks. We would flag any inadequacies in flashing around roof penetrations (skylights, vent pipes, chimneys) as a red flag.

Following the inspection you will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your roof. If necessary, it will also include recommendations for repairs.